The Best Marketing Trends of 2014

Published March 25, 2014 by Fiducia Markeing, Inc.
Fiducia Marketing Trends

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Marketing is a constantly changing industry. As new ways to reach consumers are created and developed, marketers are coming up with new strategies to bring attention to their brands. The last few years have seen an increase in social media and mobile usage, and marketers are ready to hop aboard new strategies to reach new audiences. Here are a few marketing trends that Fiducia Marketing believes are starting to heat up.

Cross-Screen Marketing

Everyone’s got a cell phone, but the large number of tablet users is a brand new arena for marketers to take advantage of. Cross-screen experiences will continue to grow, as more people use two screens to digest their media. Integrated campaigns that utilize all screens, including TV, tablets, cell phones, and laptops, will focus on the demographic of those who use more than one screen to get their content. Many people in the office at Fiducia Marketing use more than one screen daily for work-related activities. The tech-savvy customers will have more time to consume media through using all of their devices.

Sponsored Content

Most people like to skip ads if they have the option to do so, so more and more focus on sponsored content will start to rev up. Google recognizes editorial sources, so companies are gladly sponsoring content on other sites to get more traffic. Many businesses have sponsored content in publications to get featured in the top results of Google. Sponsored content means more content from corporations, but typically the content can be more accepted my audiences.

Real-Time Marketing Focus

Oreo changed the game for real-time marketing after their famous Super Bowl XLVII tweet. In 2013, many brands live tweeted events and got great results. As social media continues to grow strong, marketers will be focused on creating campaigns that go along with big public events, such as March Madness or the Emmy Awards. Here at Fiducia Marketing, we have started to take a look at utilizing real-time marketing for our clients. Look out for more marketers being ready to engage with audiences through real-time marketing.

Bigger Focus on Mobile

The last few years have seen more marketing focused on mobile users, but the rest of 2014 will see even more push for catching users attention on their cell phones. In-app purchases continue to gain traction in the mobile market, as well as push notifications to users that brands can take advantage of. Even free to play games such as Candy Crush Saga have seen marketers use the free-to-play model to get attention. Devices that stay with consumers are a great channel for ads and marketing campaigns.

Data-Driven Marketing

The wearable tech craze has started to bloom, which means that data on consumers will be kept more frequently. Heart beat monitors and location services will be able to show marketers where you are, who you are, and what you like. Locations services alone will allow marketers to reach you at the point of sale based on exactly where you are. Get ready to get alerts about new clothing sales at the mall, or deals like “Buy 1 Get 1 Hot Dogs” at the ball game.


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